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Banquet - Speaker information


This year’s banquet will be at 6:00 pm at the Pierce Pavilion on the Pierce County Fair Grounds in Pierce Nebraska catered by the White House. Our guest Speaker Jack Beck. Read about Jack Beck below. Jack will speak about the John Deere Tractors from the Waterloo Boy to the models D and GP. This year we will have a second speaker, George Braaksma who will talk about the change over to the New Generation tractors. Anyone wanting to attend the banquet should make a reservation at the registration building by 2:00 pm so the caterer can prepare enough food.

John Deere Plow Company was well known, throughout the world for their plows. In 1837 John Deere manufactured their first plow. By 1912 John Deere, a full line implement company knew they needed to get into the tractor business. They started working on a three-wheeled design with all-wheel drive designed by Joseph Dain which proved to be ahead of the times and with the price more than double that of other tractors. The Dain line was dropped in favor of the more popular Waterloo Boy model R tractors that John Deere acquired with purchased of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in March 1918.


The Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company was created by John Froelich maker of the first Gasoline Traction Engine (tractor) in 1892. Froelich’s design wasn’t successful and the company concentrated on their line of gasoline engines. By 1914 Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company was working on a tractor design that resulted in the Waterloo Boy model R.


John Deere’s next tractor designed in house was the Model known as the Spoker D. Production started in 1923 on the model D. The engine design from that tractor was continued to be used until 1960. John Deere’s most popular tractor with over 312,000 tractors built would the model A sold from 1934 until 1953.


2018 John Deere is celebrating 100 years of tractors starting with the Waterloo Boy Model N running through the first model built in 2018 the 8245R sold to a farm in Florida.


Special feature tractors attending this show will be a Waterloo Boy model N tractor the first production Model A tractor.

Jack Beck

Name: Irwin John Beck Jr., just call me Jack.


I grew up on a Dairy Farm (Husker Dairy) with my Parents and three Brothers near Litchfield Nebraska.

Graduate of Litchfield Public School and Kearney State College.


Taught Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics ant Sumner and Guide Rock Nebraska.

Returned to Husker Dairy 1970-1974.

Worked as a custom Hay Harvester at Moscow Kansas, in 1974.

Worked as a Research Technician for the Northern Natural Gas Research Center, Omaha, Nebraska 1975-1979.

Worked as a Research Technician for AMOCO Research Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1979-1986.


Founded and ran Orion Engineering and Orion Motorsports 1986-2007 after moving to Omaha Nebraska.  Orion Engineering designed and built cars, racing engines and components for Road Racing, and Vintage Racing Cars. Orion Motorsports, provided Preparation, Transportation and Trackside Service for Road Racing and Vintage Racing Cars.


I started racing with the Sports Car Club of America in 1970 and retired from Driving in 2005. Over the years my clients and myself won multiple National Championships. I was inducted into the Nebraska Racing Hall of Fame in 2006. The last car we raced has been acquired by the Museum of American Speed and is on Display as it came off the track after winning my last race.


As I moved and started downsizing the Orion Engineering an Orion Motorsports Endeavors in 2002, I became interested in getting back to my farming roots. My first Collector purchase was a 1935 John Deere “B”.  Over the years I have acquired about 20 John Deere Tractors and associated implements. My oldest Collector tractor is a 1925 “D” and my newest one a 1953 MC the MC is the only one with electric start.  My main focus has been the early Model “D” the “GP” and the Unstyled Model “B”.  I have also been interested in how and why John Deere got into the Tractor Business and the development of the early John Deere tractor models.


My presentation will focus on John Deere’s early tractor experiments, the acquisition of the Waterloo Gasoline Engine Company in 1918, also the development of the Model “D” and “GP”.


Hope this helps.




Jack Beck